Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ammo Against Health Care Reform?

I wanted to share an article from Life Health Pro which is an insurance industry publication.  My 'day job' is Benefits Consultant - a fancy term for insurance agent.  I spend most of my week selling health insurance, maintaining my client base, and explaining health care reform!  

As an insider in the insurance industry I believe that we are going to see an increased need for medical discount memberships like Xpress Healthcare.  

PPACA is going to require that all Americans purchase health insurance in 2014.  We may see an increase of premiums for individual coverage and even group coverage especially for people under 40!  

If a company must provide affordable health insurance to their employees, many people will see a reduction of ancillary benefits offered by employers.  These ancillary benefits include dental, vision, life and disability, critical illness, etc.  

The market for discount healthcare programs like Xpress Healthcare will likely be booming as 2014 looms.

I wanted to simply share this information with you and hope that you will share it with others.  
This is truly the time to join with a health care discount program such as Xpress Healthcare

The time to provide a necessary service and product is NOW! 

The time to offer a solution to the fear that Americans feel about reform is NOW!

The time to make money by helping others is NOW! 
Read the full article here:
Ammo Against PPACA? Medical Discount Cards

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