Sunday, May 5, 2013

PROS of Network Marketing

PROS of network marketing.

1. Low Startup Costs – For usually less than $500-$1,000 you can start your own business that has the potential to generate a full-time income. Often a large portion of start up fees include your product, sales materials, back office and or website.

2. Time – MLM allows you to work however many hours you want. You could take on a 'second job' but if "time is money" you have already lost. I currently work in the 'real world' 36 hours a week. I have been able to simultaneously work three other businesses and assist my husband with our biggest money maker, LifeVantage.

3. Build Your Skillset – When you run your own MLM home business, you’re also learning how to sell, market, manage, and network, all things that can carry over to your success in almost any other area of life. I am not a natural sales person...I am not a naturally outgoing person even...but I have found that this business is forcing me out of my comfort zone and into a place of growth.

4. Personal Development – Network Marketers are some of the most optimistic people you will ever meet. This optimism and drive to keep learning new things makes this a great industry to be part of. I have met the BEST people since diving into the MLM pool. I am learning it's up to me to make it happen...the people I meet believe the same thing.

"Anyone can do network marketing. It is for men and women of all backgrounds and ages, or from all ethnic or socioeconomic groups. For example, the LifeVantage family is comprised of people from all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, teachers, athletes, stay-at-home moms, realtors, young adults, senior citizens and students from all around the world.

In direct sales, you are empowered to dream and achieve beyond what you thought was possible, to create and live the life you've always dreamed of." Credit LifeVantage

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