Friday, April 12, 2013



Omigosh it has been a miserable week.

On Sunday our water heater broke and we had to order the part Monday morning.  We had no hot water until Wednesday morning.  Sponge baths and lots of lotion.

On Monday our 10 year old told me he was itchy.  I looked and discovered...chicken pox!  WTH?  He was vaccinated when he was little but he caught them nonetheless

Wednesday Superman (aka my awesome husband) left for Salt Lake City for a business trip.  He and his friend drove in our big ol' diesel pick up truck.  They broke down in Rock Springs, WY.  If you have never been to Rock Springs Wyoming I should tell you that there is noooothing there.  (patriotic Rock Springs residents please forgive me). 

The guys had to get a hotel room for the night and then rent a car to make the rest of the trip to Salt Lake. 

Now my husband is in Salt Lake, the truck is in Wyoming and it's going to cost $600 to repair, and I am holding down the fort with the five kids, three dogs, and three cats. 

On that note, so that I do not start feeling sorry for myself, I will post some pictures of people who have it worse than I do....


There.  I feel better.

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