Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sometimes Natural Is Not Enough

I want to thank you for visiting my site with a gift.

I am a strong proponent of natural health and healing but I know that there are some instances when digging roots from the garden for a tincture aren't going to do the trick.

When you need to use the pharmacy for prescribed medicine please have this InCareRx card handy.  It is my gift to my readers.

This card is 100% free to use! It's active! Simply save it to your computer and print it! Save money on your prescriptions (And your pet's prescriptions!) Save up to 90% on generics and other scripts.
Make sure that your pharmacist saves the information so that you don't have to continue to bring the card with each visit.

Again, this is a free gift.  If you would like to print a few and hand them out to friends you have my blessing!

Enjoy your exuberant life!

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