Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SHAPE Diva Dash
On March 6, 2013 I committed myself to 'running' a 5k with some co-workers at the SHAPE Diva Dash in Boulder which was going to take place on May 4th. 

I haven't run since middle school and I was one of those people who said 'If you see me running there is probably something after me.'

Fact is, I hadn't even been walking.  I mentioned in my last post that exertion was causing me pain especially in my hips.  I would wake up in the morning hunched over and shuffling around like Baba Yaga.

I am also not the brightest bulb in the pack so I chose a ridiculous motivational tool like signing up for a 5k with my coworkers acting like I was a frequent runner and strutting about the office. 

I kept planning to go walking and I even downloaded the Couch to 5K guide, which is excellent by the way.  I bought a new pair of running shoes (Saucony) and bought the cutest pair of yoga pants which make my butt look amazing even without working out.  I wore these around the house and acted like a runner.  I told my husband that wearing the right clothes is the first step in motivating a person to exercise.  (He didn't fall for it).
How would I make the transition from this:
To this:



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